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#co-first author; *Corresponding author

  • He K#, Liu Q#, Xu DM#, Qi FY#, Bai J, He SW, Chen P, Zhou X, Cai WZ, Chen ZZ, Liu Z*, Jiang XL*, Shi P* (2021) Echolocation in soft-furred tree mice. Science 372: eaay1513.
  • Xu DM#, Yang CP#, Shen QS#, Pan SK#, Liu Z#, Zhang TZ#, Zhou X, Lei ML, Chen P, Yang H, Zhang T, Guo YT, Zhan XJ*, Chen YB*, Shi P* (2021) A single mutation underlying phenotypic convergence for hypoxia adaptation on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Cell Research. 6.
  • Liu Z, Qi FY, Xu DM, Zhou X, Shi P* (2018) Genomic and functional evidence reveals molecular insights into the origin of echolocation in whales. Science Advances. 4:eaat8821.
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  • Liu Z, Zhang J* (2017) Most m6A RNA modifications in protein-coding regions are evolutionarily unconserved and likely nonfunctional. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 35:666-675.
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  • Liu Z* (2014) Codon 104 of p53 is not an adaptively selected site for extreme environments in mammals of the Tibet plateau. PNAS 111:E2357.
  • Liu Z, Wang W, Zhang TZ, Li GH, He K, Huang JF, Jiang XL, Murphy RW, Shi P* (2013) Repeated functional convergent effects of NaV1.7 on acid insensitivity in hibernating mammals. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 281:20132950.
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  • Liu Z, Li S, Wang W, Xu DM, Murphy RW, Shi P* (2011) Parallel evolution of KCNQ4 in echolocating bats. PLoS One 6:e26618.
  • Li Y#, Liu Z#, Shi P, and Zhang J* (2010) The hearing gene Prestin unites echolocating bats and whales. Current Biology 20:R55-56.
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