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Principal Investigator
Yong-Bin Chen   Ph.D  
Title Professor
Phone +86 871 65176320
Fax +86 871 65176312
Address Kunming Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences 32 Jiaochang Donglu, Kunming, Yunnan, 650223, China
Zip Code 650223
   Education and Appointments:
Yong-Bin Chen, Ph.D, Professor

Tel: 86-871-5176320 ; Fax: 86-871-5176312


2012.05 – Present: Principal Investigator, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2010.12 – 2012.05: Instructor, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX, USA

2005.12 – 2010.11: Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX, USA

2000.09 –2005.07: PhD, Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, SIBS, CAS

1996.09 –2000.07: B.S. Wuhan University

  Professional Services
   Research Interests:
The major interest of our lab is inductive signals involved in regulating tumor and stem cell. We use Drosophila, chicken, mouse, monkey and tree shrew as model systems to study the fundamental and prevalent mechanisms that control tumor and stem cells self-renew, proliferation, differentiation and so on. We are also establishing tumor models in the primate animals and developing drug screening platforms for serial cancers in the lab
  Supported Projects:
  Public Services:
  Selected Publications:

1. Yu, L#*., Wang, G.D#., Ruan, J#., Chen, Y.B#.,Yang, C.P#., Cao, X#., Wu, H#., Liu, Y.H#., Du, Z.L#., Wang, X.P#., Yang, J#., Cheng, S.C#., Zhong, L., Wang, L., Wang, X., Hu, J.Y., Fang, L., Bai, B., Wang, K.L., Zhang, J.G., Yang, Y.Q., Zhang, C.L., Long, Y.C., Li, H.S., Yang, J.Y., David M.I., Oliver A.R., Li, Y., Wu , S.F., Wu, C.I*., Zhang, Y.P*.2016. Genomic analysis of snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus) identifies genes and processes related to high-altitude adaptation. Nature Genetics, 48, 947-952.(*Co-correspondence author, #Co-first author) 

2.  Yan, Y.M#., Wang, X.L#., Luo, Q#., Jiang, L.P., Yang, C.P., Hou, B., Zuo, Z. L*., Chen, Y.B*., Cheng, Y.X*., 2015. Metabolites from the mushroom Ganoderma lingzhi as stimulators of neural stem cell proliferation. Phytochemistry. 114:155-162. 

3. Su,Z.Y.#., Yang,Z.Z.#., Xu, Y.Q., Chen, Y.B.#., Yu, Q.#., 2015. MicroRNAs in apoptosis, autophagy and necroptosis. Oncotarget, 6:8474-8490. 

4. Tang, J.J., Zhang L., Jiang, L.P., Di, L., Yan, Y.M., Tu, Z.C., Yang, C.P., Zuo, Z.L., Hou, B, Xia, H.L., Chen, Y.B*., Cheng Y.X*.2014. Dopamine derivatives from the insect Polyrhachis dives as inhibitors of ROCK1/2 and stimulators of neural stem cell proliferation.Tetrahedron.70:8852-8857. 

5. Yang, X.W#., Yang, C.P#., Jiang, L.P., Qin, X.J., Liu, Y.P., Shen, Q.S., Chen, Y.B*., Luo, X.D.* .2014. Indole Alkaloids with New Skeleton Activating Neural Stem Cells. Organic Letters. Oct 29 doi:10.1021/ol5029223. 

6.  2. Chen, Y. B*., Jiang, J*. 2013. Decoding the phosphorylation code in Hedgehog signal transduction. Cell Research, 23, 186-200.  

7. Yang, C. P., Chen, W. L., Chen, Y. B*., Jiang, J*. 2012. Smoothened transduces Hedgehog signal by forming a complex with Evc/Evc2. Cell Research, 22, 1593-1604.  

8. Chen, Y. B., Sasai, N., Ma, G. Q., Yue, T., Jia, J. H., Briscoe, J., Jiang, J*. 2011. Sonic hedgehog dependent phosphorylation by CK1a  and GRK2 is required for ciliary accumulation and activation of Smoothened. PLoS Biol, 9(6), e1001083. DOI:10.1371. 

9. Chen, Y. B., Li, S., Tong, C., Zhao, Y., Wang, B., Liu, Y., Jia, J. H., Jiang, J*. 2010. G protein coupled receptor kinase 2 promotes high-level Hedgehog signaling by regulating the active state of Smo through kinase-dependent and -independent mechanisms in Drosophila. Genes Dev, 24, 2054 - 2067. 

  Research Team:

Laboratory  Staff 

Dr. Cui-Ping Yang, Associate 

Mr. Xing-Pin Chen, 

Mr. Zhong-Liang Chen, Technician 

Ms. Xing-Gui Zhao, Technician 

Ms. Dan XuTemporary 

Graduate Students 

Li-Ping JiangQiu-Shuo ShenZhen-Yu HuYing-Jie Miao, Yong YangBai-Zhang Dai 

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