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Principal Investigator
Xu-Dong Zhao   Ph.D  
Title PI
Phone +86 871 68125430
Address Address Kunming Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences No. 32 Jiaochang Donglu, Kunming, Yunnan, 650223, P.R.China
Zip Code 650223
   Education and Appointments:

2011.03- Principal Investigator, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2008.09-2011.03, Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University Medical Center.

2005.11-2008.08, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Columbia University Medical Center.

2003.07-2005.10, Research fellow, Shanghai Research Center for Model Organism.

2000.09-2003.06, Ph.D., Shanghai Second Medical University.

1997.09-2000.08, Researcher, First Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical University.

1994.09-1997.08, M.S., Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

1990.09-1994.06, B.S., Department of Biology, Southwestern Normal University.

  Professional Services
   Research Interests:

Our lab focuses on the mechanism study and drug discovery of cancer on the platforms of tumor stem cells and animal models. Current projects include:

1. Establishing animal models of cancer.

2. Role of Huwe1 in tumor development.

3. Discovering tumor stem cell-specific molecular labeling.

3. Screening of tumor stem cell-specific drugs.

  Supported Projects:
  Public Services:
Kunlong Ben, Xiaomei Cao, Yuqi Wang, Xiaolei Wang, Yunlian Chen, Mingcan Yu, Yunmei Wang, Xudong Zhao. 2005. The role and resource of antigen-specific antibody and antibody-secreting cells in genital tracts, and the regulation by sex hormones. Sci-Tech rewards of Yunnan Province, China.
  Selected Publications:

1.      Zhou X, Li G, An S,…, Iavarone A#, Zhao X#. A new method of identifying glioblastoma subtypes and creation of corresponding animal models. Oncogene. (Accepted)

2.      Yang D*, Cheng D*, Tu Q*,…, Yu X#, Jiang H#, Zhao X#. The HUWE1-p53 axis Controls the Development of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Theranostics. (Accepted)

3.      Li C, Yan L, Ban W, Tu Q, Wu Y, Wang L, Bi R, Ji S, Ma Y, Nie W, Lv L, Yao Y#, Zhao X#, Zheng P#. Long-term propagation of tree shrew spermatogonial stem cells in culture and successful generation of transgenic offspring. Cell Res. 2017; 27(2):241-252.

4.      Yang D, Sun B, Zhang X, Cheng D, Yu X, Yan L, li L, An S, Jiang H, Lasorella A, Iavarone A, Zhang S, Zou F#, Zhao X#. Huwe1 sustains normal ovarian epithelial cell transformation and tumor growth through the histone H1.3-H19 cascade. Cancer Res 2017; 77(18):4773-4784.

5.      Tu Q*, Hao J*, Zhou X*, Yan L, Dai H, Sun B, Yang D, An S, Lv L, Jiao B, Chen C, Lai R, Shi P#, Zhao X#. CDNK2B deletion is essential for pancreatic cancer development instead of unmeaningful co-deletin due to juxtposition to CDKN2A. Oncogene 2018; 37(1):128-138.

6.      Tong Y*, Hao J*, Tu Q*, Yu H, Yan L, Li Y, Lv L, Wang F, Iavarone A, Zhao X. A tree shrew glioblastoma model recapitulates features of human glioblastoma. Oncotarget. 2017; 8:17897-19072.

7.      Li YZhao YZhou XNi WDai ZYang DHao JLuo LLiu YLuo X#Zhao X#. Cytotoxic indole alkaloid 3a-acetonyltabersonine glioblastoma apoptosis via inhibition of DNA damage repair. Toxins. 2017; 9(5):150-167.

8.      Liu T*, Guo Y*, Yan L, Sun B, Zheng P, Zhao X. Depletion of endogenous germ cells in tree shrews in preparation for spermatogonial transplantation. Exp Ther Med. 2017; 14(3):2349-2354

9.      Dai Z, Li S, Zhu P, Liu L , Wang B, Liu Y, Luo X#, Zhao X #. Isocostunolide inhibited glioma stem cell by suppression proliferation and inducing caspase dependent apoptosis. Bioorg Med Chem Let. 2017; 27(13):2863-2867

10. Wei X, Dai Z, Yang J, Khanc A, Yu HF, ZhaoYL, Wang YF, Liu YP, Yang ZF, Huang WY, Wang XH#, Zhao X#, Luo XD#. Unprecedented sugar bridged bisindoles selective inhibiting glioma stem cells. Bioorg Med Chem 201826(8):1776-83

11. Yan L, Sun B, Lv L, Ma Y, Chen J, Lin Q, Zheng P, Zhao X. Early embryonic development and transplantation in tree shrews. Dongwuxue Yanjiu. 2016; 37(4): 252-258.

12. Niola F*, Zhao X*, Singh D, Sullivan R, Castano A, Verrico A, Zoppoli P, Friedmann-Morvinski D, Sulman E, Barrett L, Zhuang Y, Verma I, Benezra R, Aldape K, Iavarone A, Lasorella A . Mesenchymal high-grade glioma is maintained by the ID-RAP1 axis. J Clin Invest, 2013;123(1):405–417.

13. Niola F*, Zhao X*, Singh D, Castano A, Sullivan R, Lauria M, Nam HS, Zhuang Y, Benezra R, Di Bernardo D, Iavarone A, Lasorella A.Id proteins synchronize stemness and anchorage to the niche of neural stem cells. Nat Cell Biol, 2012;14(5):477-487. (* equal contribution)

14. Zhao X*, D’Arca D*, Lim WK, Brahmachary M, Carro MS, Ludwig T, Cardo CC, Guillemot F, Aldape K, Califano A, Iavarone A, and Lasorella A. the N-Myc-DLL3 cascade is suppressed by the ubiquitin ligase Huwe1 to inhibit proliferation and promote neurogenesis in the developing brain. Dev Cell, 2009;17(2): 210-221. (Cover article)

15. Zhao X, Heng JI, Guardavaccaro D, Jiang R, Pagano M, Guillemot F, Iavarone A, Lasorella A. The HECT-domain ubiquitin ligase Huwe1 controls neural differentiation and proliferation by destabilizing the N-Myc oncoprotein. Nat Cell Biol, 2008;10(6): 643-653.

16. Liu X*, Zhao X*, Wang X*, Yao Y, Zhang L,Shu R, Ren W, Huang Y, Huang L, Gu M, Kuang Y, Wang L, Lu S, Chi J, Fen J, Wang Y, Fei J, Dai W, Wang Z. Germinal cell aplasia in Kif18a mutant male mice due to impaired chromosome congression and dysregulated BubR1 and CENP-E. Genes Cancer, 2010; 1(1): 26–39. (Cover article)

17. Zhao X, Ren W, Yang W, Wang Y, Kong H, Wang L, Yan L, Xu G, Fei J, Fu J, Zhang C, Wang Z. Wnt pathway is involved in tumorigenesis of pleomorphic adenomas induced by overexpression of PLAG1 in transgenic mice. Int J Cancer, 2006; 118(3): 643-648.

18. Zhao X, Dang S, Liang B, Lei X, Chen Z, Wang L, Yan L, Sun H, Fu J, Fei J, Wang Z. PCR-based approaches for identification of multi-copy transgene integration sites in mouse genome. Chin Sci Bull, 2006; 51(18): 2231-2235.

19. Wang X*, Zhao X*, Ben K, Cao X, Wang Y, Zhou H. Circulating immunoglobulin A- and immunoglobulin G-secreting hybridoma cells in peripheral blood preferably migrate to female genital tracts. The role of sex hormones. Immunology. 2002 Jul;106(3):343-53.

20. Zhao X, Yang WJ, Wang L, Kong H, Ren WH, Zhang M, Fei J, Zhang CP, Wang ZG. Development of salivary gland tumors in pleomorphic adenoma gene 1 transgenic mice. Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi. 2003; 20(5):390-5. Chinese.

21. Xu J, Yu M, Peng C, Carter P, Tian J, Ning X, Zhou Q, Tu Q, Zhang G, Dao A, Jiang X, Kapur P, Hsieh JT, Zhao X, Liu P, Zheng J. Dose Dependencies and Biocompatibility of Renal Clearable Gold Nanoparticles: From Mice to Non-human Primates. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2018;57(1):266-271.

22. Zhu P, Dai Z, Wang B, Wei X, Yu H, Yan Z, Zhao X, Liu Y, Luo X. The Anticancer Activities Phenolic Amides from the Stem of Lycium barbarum. Nat Prod Bioprospect. 2017; 7(4):323-327.

23. Zhu PF, Dai Z, Wang B, Wei X, Yu HF, Yan ZR, Zhao XD, Liu YP, Luo XD. The Anticancer Activities Phenolic Amides from the Stem of Lycium barbarum. Nat Prod Bioprospect. 2017; 7(6):421-431.

24. Fan Y, Huang Z, Cao C, Chen C, Chen Y, Fan D, He J, Hou H, Hu L, Hu X, Jiang X, Lai R, Lang Y, Liang B, Liao S, Mu D, Ma Y, Niu Y, Sun X, Xia J, Xiao J, Xiong Z, Xu L, Yang L, Zhang Y, Zhao W, Zhao X, Zheng Y, Zhou J, Zhu Y, Zhang G, Wang J, Yao Y. Genome of the Chinese tree shrew. Nat Commun, 2013;4:1426-1434.

25. Jones-Mason ME, Zhao X, Kappes D, Lasorella A, Iavarone A, Zhuang YE. protein transcription factors are required for the development of CD4(+) lineage T cells. Immunity, 2012; 36(3):348-361.

26. D’Arca D, Zhao X, Xu W, Ramirez-Martinez NC, Iavarone A, Lasorella A. The Huwe1 ubiquitin ligase is essential to synchronize neuronal and glial differentiation in the developing cerebellum. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2010; 107: 5875-5880.

27. Carro MS, Lim WK, Alvarez MJ, Bollo RJ, Zhao X, Snyder EY, Sulman EP, Anne SL, Doetsch F, Colman H, Lasorella A, Aldape K, Califano A, Iavarone A.The transcriptional network for mesenchymal transformation of brain tumours. Nature, 2010; 463(7279):318-325.

28. Gan Y, Zhao X, Hu J, Wang ZG and Zhao XT. HCCS1 overexpression induces apoptosis via cathepsin D and intracellular calcium, and HCCS1 disruption in mice causes placental abnormality. Cell Death and Diff, 2008; 15 (9): 1481–1490.

29. Rothschild G, Zhao X, Iavarone A, Lasorella A. E Proteins and Id2 converge on p57Kip2 to regulate cell cycle in neural cells. Mol Cell Biol, 2006; 26(11): 4351-4361.

  Research Team:

Laboratory Staff: 

Ms. Lan-Zhen Yan, Technician,

Ms. Hong-Juan Dai,Technician,

Ms. Xiao-Yan Yang,Technician ,

Ms. Ying Guo,Technician ,

Graduate Students: 

Bin Sun;Qiu Tu;Xia Zhou; Yao-Hui Tong;Dong Yang;Zhi Dai;Yuan Li;Ting-Ting Liu;Shi-Rong Li;Lei Li;Rokshana Pravin.

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