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Principal Investigator
Division of Medical Genetics & Evolutionary Medicine
Yong-Gang Yao   Ph.D.  
Title Director of Kunming Institute of Zoology
Phone +86 871 68125440
Fax +86 871 68125440
Address Key Laboratory of Animal Models and Human Disease Mechanisms, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Zip Code 650201

Education and Appointments:

2014.07 – Current, Director of Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2012.04 – 2014.07, Deputy Director of Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2007.12 – Current, Principal Investigator; Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2004.10 – 2008.01, Visiting Fellow; Hematology Branch, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health

2003.02 – 2004.09, Postdoctoral Fellow; Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

1997.09 – 2003.01, Ph. D.; Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2001.05 – 2001.08, Visiting Scholar; Department of Mathematics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

1997.09 – 1998.07, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

1993.09 – 1997.07, B.S.; Department of Biology, Anhui Normal University

Professional Services:


Zoological Research (2012.08 - )

Editorial Board Member:

Journal of Genetics and Genomics (2010.01 - )

Scientific Reports (2016.08 -)

Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (2018.11 - )

Academic Editor:

PLoS ONE (2012.01 -)

Receiving Editor:

Infection, Genetics and Evolution (2012.08 - )

Associate Editor.

Journal of Human Genetics (2011.01 - )

Science Bulletin (2015.08 – 2017.12)

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (2018)

  Social service:
   Research Interests:

Yao laboratory focuses on understanding the genetic basis and molecular mechanisms of human diseases, in particular for Alzheimer’s disease. We are striving for EAF (E = Evolutionary analysis; A = Association study; F = Functional assay), and make the research and life to be Easier And Fun. More information can be found at

Current research directions:

(1) Genetic basis and molecular mechanism for neuropsychiatric disorders and immunologic diseases;

(2) Mitochondrial dysfunction and autophagy in human diseases;

(3) Biology and genetic modification of the Chinese tree shrews.

Students and members in Yao lab are encouraged to develop interdisciplinary projects.

  Projects and Funds:

NSFC, CAS, Yunnan Province, MOST

  Category of Experts:
  Public Services:

2014 Award for Science and Technology Advancement of Yunnan Province (second class). Awardees: Yong-Gang Yao, A-Mei Zhang, Dandan Yu, Rui Bi; project title: Genetic susceptibility of LHON.

2012 Zhuliyuehua Award for Outstanding Teachers of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2010 Award for Distinguished Expert with Outstanding Contribution of Yunnan Province, Second Class (with no First Class Laureate in this year).

2009 State Class Persons of National New Century Talents Award.

2006 State Natural Science Award of China (second class). Awardees: Ya-Ping Zhang, Yong-Gang Yao, Qing-Peng Kong, Yuan-Chun Ding, Chang Sun; project title: Mitochondrial genome diversity and population history of East Asian.

2005 The top 100 Ph.D. thesis of China. Thesis title: Demographic History of the Chinese Ethnic Groups: a Mitochondrial DNA Perspective.

  Selected Publications:

1.    Zeng J*, Xie X, Feng X-L, Xu L, Han J-B, Yu D, Zou Q-C, Liu Q, Li X, Ma G, Li M-H*, Yao Y-G*. 2022. Specific inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome suppresses immune overactivation and alleviates COVID-19 like pathology in mice.  EBioMedicine, 75: 103803 (doi: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2021.103803)

2.    Qin D-D, Zhou J-K, He X-C, Shen X-Y, Li C, Chen H-Z, Yan L-Z, Hu Z-F, Li X, Lv L-B, Yao Y-G*, Wang Z*, Huang X-X*, Hu X-T*, Zheng P*. 2021. Depletion of giant ANK2 in monkeys causes drastic brain volume loss. Cell Discovery, 7: 113 (doi: 10.1038/s41421-021-00336-4)

3.    Gu T, Yu D, Xu L, Yao Y-L, Yao Y-G*. 2021. Tupaia GBP1 interacts with STING to initiate autophagy and restrict herpes simplex virus type 1 infection. Journal of Immunology, 207: 2673-2680

4.    Liu Q, Gu T, Su L-Y, Jiao L, Qiao X, Xu M, Xie T, Yang LX, Yu D, Xu L, Chen C*, Yao Y-G*. 2021. GSNOR facilitates antiviral innate immunity by restricting TBK1 cysteine S-nitrosation. Redox Biology, 47: 102172 (doi: 10.1016/j.redox.2021.102172)

5.    Ye M-S, Zhang J-Y, Yu D-D, Xu M, Xu L, Lv L-B, Zhu Q-Y, Fan Y, Yao Y-G*. 2021. Comprehensive annotation of the Chinese tree shrew genome by large-scale RNA sequencing and long-read isoform sequencing. Zoological Research, 42: 692-709.

6.    Luo R*, Fan Y, Yang J, Ye M, Zhang D-F, Guo K, Li X, Bi R, Xu M, Yang LX, Li Y, Ran X, Jiang H-Y, Zhang C, Tan L, Sheng N, Yao Y-G*. 2021. A novel missense variant in ACAA1 contributes to early-onset Alzheimer's disease, impairs lysosomal function, and facilitates amyloid-β pathology and cognitive decline. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, 6: 325 (doi: 10.1038/s41392-021-00748-4)

7.    Li H, Su L-Y, Yang L, Li M, Liu Q, Li Z, Hu Y, Li H, Wu S, Wang W, Hu Y, Wang Z, Rizak JD, Huang B, Xu M, Wu J, Lv L-B, Turck CW*, Yin Y*, Yao Y-G*, Su B*, Hu X*. 2021. A cynomolgus monkey with naturally occurring Parkinson's disease. National Science Review, 8: nwaa292 (doi: 10.1093/nsr/nwaa292)

8.    Tang X-H, Luo R-C, Ye M-S, Tang H-Y, Ma Y-L, Chen Y-N, Wang X-M, Lu Q-Y, Liu S, Li X-N, Yan Y, Yang J, Ran X-Q, Fang X, Zhou Y, Yao Y-G*, Di Y-T*, Hao X-J*. 2021. Harpertrioate A, an A,B,D-seco-Limonoid with promising biological activity against Alzheimer's disease from twigs of Harrisonia perforata (Blanco) Merr. Organic Letters, 23: 262-267

9.    Zheng H-Y, Xu M, Yang C-X, Tian R-R, Zhang M, Li JJ, Wang X-C, Ding Z-L, Li G-M, Li X-L, He Y-Q, Dong X-Q*, Yao Y-G*, Zheng Y-T*. 2020. Longitudinal transcriptome analyses show robust T cell immunity during recovery from COVID-19. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, 5(1): 294 (doi: 10.1038/s41392-020-00457-4)

10.  Yao Y-L, Yu D, Xu L, Gu T, Li Y, Zheng X, Bi R, Yao Y-G*. 2020. Tupaia OASL1 promotes cellular antiviral immune responses by recruiting MDA5 to MAVS. Journal of Immunology, 205: 3419-3428.

11.  Xu L, Yu D-D, Ma Y-H, Yao Y-L, Luo R-H, Feng X-L, Cai H-R, Han J-B, Wang X-H, Li M-H, Ke C-W, Zheng Y-T*, Yao Y-G*. 2020. COVID-19-like symptoms observed in Chinese tree shrews infected with SARS-CoV-2. Zoological Research, 41: 517-526.

12.  Xu L, Yu D, Yao YL, Gu T, Zheng X, Wu Y, Luo R-H, Zheng Y-T, Zhong J, Yao Y-G*. 2020. Tupaia MAVS is a dual target during hepatitis C virus infection for innate immune evasion and viral replication via NF-κB. Journal of Immunology, 205: 2091-2099 (doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.2000376)

13.  Wu Y, Li X, Liu J, Luo X-J*, Yao Y-G*. 2020. SZDB2.0: an updated comprehensive resource for schizophrenia research. Human Genetics, 139: 1285-1297 (doi: 10.1007/s00439-020-02171-1)

14.  Xu L, Yu D, Peng L, Wu Y, Fan Y, Gu T, Yao Y-L, Zhong J, Chen X, Yao Y-G*. 2020. An alternative splicing of Tupaia STING modulated anti-RNA virus responses by targeting MDA5-LGP2 and IRF3. The Journal of Immunology, 204: 3191-3204.

15.  Liu Q, Su L-Y*, Sun C, Jiao L, Miao Y, Xu M, Luo R, Zuo X, Zhou R, Zheng P, Xiong W, Xue T, Yao Y-G*. 2020. Melatonin alleviates morphine analgesic tolerance in mice by decreasing NLRP3 inflammasome activation. Redox Biology, 34: 101560.

16.  Luo R, Su L-Y, Li G, Yang J, Liu Q, Yang L-X, Zhang D-F, Zhou H, Xu M, Fan Y, Li J, Yao Y-G*. 2020. Activation of PPARA-mediated autophagy reduces Alzheimer’s disease-like pathology and cognitive decline in a murine model. Autophagy, 16: 52-69 (doi: 10.1080/15548627.2019.1596488)

17.  Fan Y, Ye M-S, Zhang J-Y, Xu L, Yu D-D, Gu T-L, Yao Y-L, Chen J-Q, Lv L-B, Zheng P, Wu D-D, Zhang G-J, Yao Y-G*. 2019. Chromosomal level assembly and population sequencing of the Chinese tree shrew genome. Zoological Research, 40: 506-521 (doi: 10.24272/j.issn.2095-8137.2019.063)

18.  Wu Y, Bi R, Zeng C, Ma C, Sun C, Li J, Xiao X, Li M, Zhang D-F, Zheng P, Sheng N*, Luo X-J*, Yao Y-G*. 2019. Identification of the primate-specific gene BTN3A2 as an additional schizophrenia risk gene in the MHC loci. EBioMedicine, 44: 530-541 (doi: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2019.05.006)

19.  Zhang D-F, Fan Y, Xu M, Wang G, Wang D, Li J, Kong L-L, Zhou H, Luo R, Bi R, Wu Y, Li G-D, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Li M, Luo X-J, Jiang H-Y, Tan L, Zhong C, Fang Y, Zhang C, Sheng N, Jiang T, Yao Y-G*. 2019. Complement C7 is a novel risk gene for Alzheimer's disease in Han Chinese. National Science Review, 6: 257-274 (doi:

20.  Xu L, Peng L, Gu T, Yu D, Yao Y-G*. 2019. The 3'UTR of human MAVS mRNA contains multiple regulatory elements for the control of protein expression and subcellular localization. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 1862: 47-57

21.  Bi R*, Zhang W, Zhang D-F, Xu M, Fan Y, Hu Q-X, Jiang H-Y, Tan L, Li T, Fang Y, Zhang C, Yao Y-G*. 2018. Genetic association of the cytochrome c oxidase-related genes with Alzheimer’s disease in Han Chinese. Neuropsychopharmacology, 43: 2264-2276 (doi:10.1038/s41386-018-0144-3)

22.  Wang D, Fan Y, Malhi M, Bi R, Wu Y, Xu M, Yu X-F, Long H, Li Y-Y, Zhang D-F*, Yao Y-G*. 2018. Missense variants in HIF1A and LACC1 contribute to leprosy risk in Han Chinese. American Journal of Human Genetics, 102: 794-805.

23.  Fan Y, Luo R, Su L-Y, Xiang Q, Yu D, Xu L, Chen J-Q, Bi R, Wu D-D, Zheng P*, Yao Y-G*. 2018. Does the genetic feature of the Chinese tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri chinensis) support its potential as a viable model for Alzheimer’s disease research? Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 61: 1015-1028 (doi: 10.3233/JAD-170594)

24.  Wang D*, Zhang D-F, Li GD, Bi R, Fan Y, Wu Y, Yu X-F, Long H, Li Y-Y, Yao Y-G*. 2018. A pleiotropic effect of the APOE gene: association of APOE polymorphisms with multibacillary leprosy in Han Chinese from Southwest China. British Journal of Dermatology, 178: 931-939.

25.  Xu M, Zhang D-F*, Luo R, Wu Y, Zhou H, Kong L-L, Bi R, Yao Y-G*. 2018. A systematic integrated analysis of brain expression profiles reveals YAP1 and other prioritized hub genes as important upstream regulators in Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 14: 215-229 (doi: 10.1016/j.jalz.2017.08.012)

26.  Su L-Y, Luo R, Liu Q, Su J-R, Yang L-X, Ding Y-Q, Xu L*, Yao Y-G*. 2017. Atg5- and Atg7-dependent autophagy in dopaminergic neurons regulates cellular and behavioral responses to morphine. Autophagy, 13: 1496-1511

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30.  Li C-H, Yan L-Z, Ban W-Z, Tu Q, Wu Y, Wang L, Bi R, Ji S, Ma Y-H, Nie W-H, Lv L-B, Yao Y-G*, Zhao X-D*, Zheng P*. 2017. Long-term propagation of tree shrew spermatogonial stem cells in culture and successful generation of transgenic offspring. Cell Research, 27: 241-252

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  Research Team:


Dr. Deng-Feng Zhang, Professor,

Ms. Dan-Dan Yu, Associate Professor,

Dr. Rui Bi, Associate Professor,

Dr. Ling Xu, Associate Professor,

Dr. Min Xu, Associate Professor,

Dr. Rongcan Luo, Associate Professor,

Dr. Qianjin Liu, Associate Professor,

Dr. Hongli Li , Research Associate,

Ms. Lu-Xiu Yang, Technician,

Graduate Students

Lijin Jiao Yu Li Ying Miao Xiao Li Zhong-Jiang Yan Xiao-Qian Ran Dandan Yu Xiao-Jia Zhu Bo-Lin Xiang Ya-Rong Guo Wei-Bo Kang Zhi-Yu Ma Jie-Xi Li

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