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Principal Investigator
Wen Wang   Ph.D  
Title Professor
Phone +86 871 65193359
Fax +86 871 65193359
Address Kunming Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences No. 32 Jiaochang Donglu, Kunming, Yunnan, 650223, P.R.China
Zip Code 650201
   Education and Appointments:
Wen Wang, doctoral supervisor, principle investigator, CAS. Head of CAS–Max Planck Junior Research Group, Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS. Deputy Director of Evolutionary Genomics, State Key Laboratory of Genetic Resources and Evolution.


  Professional Experience 

  2002.8-present, Leader of Max Planck Junior Scientist Group, Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS 

  2002.8-2014.1, Deputy Director of Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS 

  1997.9-2002.7, Research Associate at Department of Ecology & Evolution, The University of Chicago, USA 

  1995.10-1996.6, Visiting student at Center for Environmental Research and Conservation, Columbia University, New York, USA. 

  1992.12-1996.9 , Ph.D., Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS, Supervisors: Shi Liming and Wu Heling. 

  1985.9-1989.7,  B.Sc. of Cell Biology, Department of Biology, Wuhan University, China 

  Professional Services
   Research Interests:

In the post genomic era, to delineate numerous data is both a popular topic and a challenging scientific task. Our laboratory focuses on the study of genome in evolution, such as new structures in genomes and evolutionary mechanisms of their new functions. Specifically, our research interests include revealing mechanisms of new genes’ origination and evolution, using new genes as the system to study formation and evolution of new pathways and gene networks. Through the approaches from genetic, evolutionary and developmental studies, we aim to elucidate relationship between genotypes and formation of phenotypes, and adaptation of organisms.
   Research focus

1. Mechanisms of new gene origination and evolution
2. General patterns of formation and development of new pathways and gene networks
3. Mechanisms of artificial selection and genomic evolution 
4. Evolution of mammalian neo-sex chromosomes, animal toxin genes, new exons and others

  Supported Projects:




Chief Researcher

National Natural Science Foundation of China-Innovative team project

Origin of genetic novelties in genomes and their significance in the evolution and adaptation of animals


Wen Wang

Leading person project from Yunnan Science and Technology Department

The genomic and molecular basis of genetic novelties in animals and economic plants


Wen Wang

National "973" Key Basic Research Project

Genetic and genomic evolution of our native domesticates under artificial selection


Wen Wang

National Natural Science Foundation of China- key project

The role of new genes in development and evolution of fruit fly


Wen Wang

National Natural Science Foundation of China- key project

The role of new genes in development and evolution of fruit fly


Wen Wang

National Natural Science Foundation of China- momentous Research Project

Epigenetic changes of silkworm genome during domestication


Wen Wang

Key project of applied foundation research , Yunnan province

Function identification of rice genetic resource in large-scale


Wen Wang

key project of transgenic new varieties culture

Large-scale identification of rice gene of economic traits by evolutionary genomic research


Wen Wang

National Natural Science Foundation of China- project of free application

Eigenomic change of silk-worm in artificial selection


Hui Xiang

National Natural Science Foundation of China-project for yong scientists fund

origination and Evolution of stem cell-related genes


Ren Lichen

National "973" Key Basic Research Project

artificial selection and genomic evolution


Wen Wangchief scientist

The key Knowledge Innovation Project, CAS


new gene origination and evolution in animal development


Wen Wang

  Public Services:

2012 National Natural Science Award (Second grade Prize)

2010 Natural Science Award of Yunnan Province (First grade Prize)

2008 K.C.Wong Outstanding Contribution Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for western scholars

2007 Supported by the National "973" Key Basic Research Project as the Chief Scientist

2005 Supported by the Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China

2004 National Outstanding Youth Funds

2004 Selected in the first national list of the Trans-century(Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand)Talents Project

  Selected Publications:

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  Research Team:
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