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Details of the Faculty or Staff
Jing Che
Highest Education 
Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 32 Jiaochang Donglu, Kunming, Yunnan, 650223, P.R. China
   +86 871 5192318
Zip Code  
Research Interest:

Research in my laboratory focuses on the population, evolutionary, and conservation genetics of amphibians and reptiles using a combination of fieldwork and molecular genetic analyses. We are interested in how historical and ongoing processes have shaped the patterns of biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles that exist today, and what contemporary patterns of genetic variation can tell us about the history, ecology, evolutionary attributes and conservation status.

Much of our current work is engaged in species from three interesting regions: China’s Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and Hengduan Mountain Ranges, Southeast Asia, and the mainland of East China and nearby islands.

Most of the work in the lab is organized around themes shown as below:

1)      Using “DNA Barcode” technique in combination of morphological and ecological studies, to investigate diversity of cryptic species and improve our knowledge on overall herpetological diversity in China and Southeast Asia

2)      Systematics (mostly focus on the molecular phylogeny of amphibians, reptiles to a lesser)

3)      Biogeography (especially mechanisms of speciation and biodiversity formation, ,······)

4)      Conservation genetics (Chinese giant salamander,······)

5)      Phenotypic adaptation to local environment and its underlying evolutionary mechanisms: Combined with ecological, behavioral, physiological, genetic and other aspects, we would like to explore the phenotypic adaptation and its evolutionary mechanism for those typical amphibians tolerant of extreme environments.

Public Services:

Supported Projects:




Principal Investigator

Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China

“DNA Barcode, detection of cryptic biodiversity, and phylogenetic studies on some amphibians and reptiles”


CHE Jing

Major Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences

“The evolution of amphibian fauna between South China and Indochina: A case study from the comparative phylogeography of three anuran frogs”


CHE Jing

Darwin initiative programme

“A sustainable future for Chinese giant salamander”


CHE Jing

Selected Publication:

(*corresponding author; # equal first author)


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