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Peng Shi
Highest Education 
Kunming Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences No. 32 Jiaochang Donglu, Kunming, Yunnan, 650223, P.R.China
   +86 871 5199318
Zip Code  
   +86 871 5199318
Research Interest:

My research is focused on two main questions:
1) How can the integration of the animal sensory systems be used for adaptation to their environments? 2) How can information about natural selection be used in the dissection of genotype-phenotype correlations?  My lab investigates these questions using a combination of empirical and computational approaches to analyze the large-scale genomic data.

Public Services:

Supported Projects:


Selected Publication:
1.Yang H, Shi P. Molecular and evolutionary analyses of formyl peptide receptors suggest the absence of VNO-specific FPRs in primates. (2010). J. Genet. Genomics 37:771-778.
2.Li Y,  Liu Z, Shi P, Zhang J. The hearing gene Prestin unites echolocating bats and whales. (2010). Current Biology 20 (2): 55-56.
3.Wang G, Shi P, Zhu Z, Zhang Y. More Functional V1R Genes Occur in Nest-Living and Nocturnal Terricolous Mammals. (2010). Genome Biol. Evol. 2:277–283.
4.Wang G, Zhu Z, Shi P, Zhang Y Comparative genomic analysis reveals more functional nasal chem-oreceptors in nocturnal mammals than in diurnal mammals. (2010). Chinese Science Bulletin  Vol. 55 (34): 3901-3910
5.Li J, Yang H, Li L, Li H, Ning T, Pan X, Shi P, Zhang Y. Artificial selection of the melanocortin receptor 1 gene in Chinese domestic pigs during domestication. (2010). Heredity 105: 274-281.
6.Zhang Z, Ye Z, Yu L, Shi P. Phylogenomic reconstruction of lactic acid bacteria: an update. (2011). BMC Evolutionary Biology 11:1 doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-1.

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Adress:No.32 Jiaochang Donglu Kunming 650223 Yunnan, China Tel:86-871-5199125