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An Evolutionary Genomic Perspective on the Breeding of Dwarf Chickens
author: Wang MS, O Otecko N, Wang S, Wu DD, Yang MM, Xu YL, Murphy RW, Peng MS, Zhang YP

The evolutionary history for dwarfism in chickens remains an enigma. Herein, we explore the evolution of the Serama, the smallest breed of chicken. Leveraging comparative population genomics, analyses identify several genes that are potentially associated with the growth and development of bones and muscles. These genes, and in particular both POU1F1 and IGF1, are under strong positive selection. Three allopatric dwarf bantams (Serama, Yuanbao, and Daweishan) with different breeding-histories, form distinct clusters and exhibit unique population structures. Parallel genetic mechanisms underlay their variation in body size. These findings provide insights into the multiple and complex pathways, depending on genomic variation, that chicken can take in response to aviculture selection for dwarfism

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PubYear: 2017
Unit code: 152453
Publication name: Moleuclar Biology and Evolution
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