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Huwe1 Sustains Normal Ovarian Epithelial Cell Transformation and Tumor Growth through the Histone H1.3-H19 Cascade
author: Yang D, Sun B, Zhang X, Cheng D, Yu X, Yan L, Li L, An S, Jiang H, Lasorella A, Iavarone A, Zhang S, Zou F, Zhao XD

Ubiquitination-directed protein degradation is important in many cancers for tumor initiation and maintenance, and E3 ligases containing HECT domains are emerging as new therapeutic targets. In contrast to many other E3 ligases, the role of HUWE1 inovarian cancer where HUWE1 is dysregulated has been unclear. Here we report that genetic deletion of Huwe1 in the mouse inhibitstransformation of ovary surface epithelium cells without significantly affecting cell survival and apoptosis, and that Huwe1 deletion after tumors have been initiated inhibits tumor growth. In Huwe1-deficient cells, expression of histone H1.3 increased, inhibiting the expression of noncoding RNA H19. H19 silencing phenocopied the effects of Huwe1 deficiency, whereas H1.3 silencing partially rescued the expression of H19 and the Huwe1 null phenotype. Inducible silencing of HUWE1 in human ovarian cancer cells produced a similar phenotype. Mechanistically, HUWE1 bound and ubiquitinated H1.3, which was consequently marked for destruction by proteasomes. Our results establish that HUWE1 plays an essential role in promoting ovarian cancer

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PubYear: 2017
Unit code: 152453
Publication name: Cancer Research
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